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The usage of plastic handcuffs
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Belong to escort equipment there are many, such as leg irons, thumb-cuffs, Jingsheng, plastic handcuffs and so on. Jiangsu AnHua will explain for you  in detail below.

Police generally are facing criminal ,even gangs scale can not  too much, therefore, more police use handcuffs, Of course, original also use the thumb cuffed,  but this thing is not very civilized, so now the country has virtually eradicated the, What may underworld, black security, but also with this abuse lynching, general felons and bailiffs in the courtroom, will be used fetters, and shot, you will see the use of a Jingsheng. The army needs these things, about these types:

1、The internal picket, that is on one of their own , this is not much, therefore, generally is used in police handcuffs.

2、Under the military prisons, such as: Guantanamo that kind, there are many more important prisoners, therefore, mostly a combination of handcuffs and leg irons to, however, China preferential treatment pows, generally do not give prisoners with torture, As a result, the number of such little demand.

3、When the catch tongue,  scout troops now still have to exercise this subject, but this time, traditional tools necessary to mount a horse, black cloth cover the head, mouth stuffed rags, plus a strong rope, in principle, Like Jingsheng this thing useful, however, to use the rope in the army because of convenience, and in the police, because the death penalty when the single-use and low cost.

4、Separate out terms, because if the military will use the more common and the number is relatively large, most likely, is the soft plastic handcuffs, there are two: one is a single ring, the man hands were tied Shen In the ring, and then, on top of a plastic clamp if some tension, jammed, the other to not run. Another is bicyclic, that is two hands in one hand and a ring, of course, were taut stuck. This disposable handcuffs general, the use of high strength, high toughness plastic, knifed, Shredded, fire, useless, when lifted, only cut the wire with pliers, this kind of thing in dealing with a large number of prisoners of war Very effective when US troops against Iraqi prisoners of war time, but also to use it, then use a bicyclic, US Code would tell the soldiers, when using this handcuffs, two rings to tighten the circle, so that Iraqis painful hands twisted together, let them know that POW camp who call the shots, of course, since this kind of thing more convenient, therefore, a large-scale riot police at the time of the riot is also used, it is generally kick down , tied up and say. Usually police are based on their different needs, procurement, regardless of its own military and police.

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