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The use of gas masks for detail
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Gas mask is not only a personal special labor protection products, but also the individual protective equipment。 Worn on the head, protect the human respiratory organs, eyes and face, prevent poisonous gas, dust, bacteria, toxic gases or vapors and other toxic substances harm personal protective equipment .Then when use gas masks, what we should pay attention for detail ?

Gas masks use should pay attention to the details:

1, We should right choice gas masks,selecting the right model , confirmed what kind of poison gas,  in the scene of the air,how much the concentration of the poison,the amount of oxygen in the air is how much , how much degrees ,should be special attention to the range of the canister masks regulations as well as time.When oxygen concentrations below 19%, prohibit the use of negative pressure respirators。

2, Prior to use gas masks, should be carefully checked to see whether all parts of a complete,whether abnormal situation happened,whether the connection part is  plugged in, and look at the entire mask tightness is not particularly good.

3, For the work to be use the gas masks  workers, we want them to have specialized training so they can correct the role of gas masks, gas masks when in use, we should choose a more suitable masks, to to maintain the smooth flow of gas masks inside the airflow in a toxic environment to quickly wear your gas mask.

4, When your gas mask has use of fault, you should use emergency measures, and should immediately leave the toxic area 。

5, Prior to each use must be airtight test and check all the parts are there signs of aging, the key parts are complete; after each use and timely completion of cleaning and maintenance;  recording cumulative duration; timely replacement filter box, filter cotton。

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