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The wearability of bullet proof vest
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Bullet proof vest just like armor, protective clothing used for reducing the harm of a bullet ,they are wearing by the police and the military. Some types of bullet proof vest has the expansion of the metal (steel or titanium), in important parts of the body, can fill in some additional ceramic or polyethylene sheet used to increase protection. If the bullet just hit in filler, these protectors can effectively protect all handguns and some rifles.

As a functional garment,it should have a certain wearability. Wearability of bullet proof vest is reflected in the following aspects:
On the one hand ,refers to does not affect the bulletproof ability of bullet proof vest,the premise should be as light and comfortable, people can still flexibility to complete a variety of actions after wear.The other hand is clothing for "costume - body" system the adjustment ability of the micro climate environment . For bulletproof vest, it is the hope that the body after wearing bullet proof vest, still maintain "people - clothes" basic heat wet exchange state,as far as possible to avoid the moisture accumulation in the surface of bullet proof vest ,and to the body caused by hot and humid and other uncomfortable flu, reducing physical consumption. In addition, due to its special use of the environment, the bullet proof vest also take into account the suitability with other weapons equipment.

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