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Three types of anti-riot shields
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Now ,the development of science and technology, resulting in more and more criminals, and tend to be more high-tech, high intelligence, gang, group, organized  premeditated crime. Our people's police is the weapon to fight against these criminals , they are not God ,also man, injured people will bleed, so our security equipment, riot shields appeared.

Anti riot shield is kind of police equipment,  is one important type of security equipment, anti riot shield is mainly applied to the security law and order, maintaining social stability, create a civilized homes, to build a harmonious society has made tremendous contributions.

Riot shields in the course of the riot to protect themselves and pushing other people , can withstand general bullets, can not withstand explosions and  large-caliber bullets. The most common anti-riot shields have three types:

1.Riot square shield , is against objects and persons defensive equipment.
2.Riot circular shield , riot officers are carrying ,is light defensive weapons to facilitate the arrest of criminals.
3.Riot electric shield, the shield have aggressivity,  on the shield has  iron bars as conductor, touch will be electric shock, this power comes from the battery.


Anti-Riot Shield SD-9583