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Tianjin Jinnan Police Branch purchase riot assault vehicles to strengthen the security forces during The "Summer Davos"
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To strengthen the security work of "Summer Davos" and two meetings, and positive response to the increasingly severe anti-terrorism situation, be ready to handle all types of violent burst of police intelligence, to maintain social order and stability, strengthen street police, ability to respond quickly, and to constantly improve the combat effectiveness of SWAT teams, SWAT teams fully reflect the critical moment able to "pull out, on the dash, winning the war" capability. Recently, Tianjin Jinnan Police Branch purchase two riot assault vehicles allocated in accordance with the requirements of Public Security Ministry , it costs about two million yuan. 
With Six side bullet-proof shell and 3 cm thick bulletproof glass window, the two riot assault vehicles are described as "bulletproof castle" . It has nine-hole launchers, capable of firing 38 mm of tear gas, smoke, etc.; roof with observation stations; There are seats, shields, Fork, life jackets, life buoy, medicine boxes inside and other equipment can be external monitor comes with camera systems and special lighting system can be raised and lowered at night can be clearly on the external monitor, the car is equipped with greatly enhanced Jinnan SWAT Unexpected Terrorism combat strength.