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Types of military boots
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Military boots, as the name suggests, is for military units on the march, as wearing combat footwear. A pair of good boots is not only durable enough comfort needs of soldiers fighting in the harsh environment, but also awe-inspiring, beautiful, it can play reflects the army, to enhance the role of morale. Jiangsu Anhua Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of police equipment, boots is one of its products. So how many types of boot is?

From the function points, then tropical boots, boots temperate, boreal boots these three categories, but using a different name for the armed services is somewhat different:

Tropical boots, also called desert boots, the main emphasis on keeping feet dry and at high temperatures to improve comfort, it is lined with regard either single test Durafiber / special nylon fabric, good point on the super liner replaced or coolmax sweat-absorbent quick-drying material and the like; regarded tropical jungle boots boots Ganso from some performance, but the jungle boots may be further enhanced wicking performance.

Temperate boots, emphasized in the humid rainy tropical environment, providing a waterproof and breathable, multi-gore tex lining making, effective water 4-6 hours; can be regarded as the range of products and flight boots jungle boots, desert boots between with the desert environment, but comfort is not high, more and more water for the environment and the driver of the class (the cockpit environment uncomfortable, feet do not move often, this type of boots to good use); but not for depth exceed the upper environment after the water a short time this type of boots is difficult to dry.

Arctic boots, boots on the basis of the temperate zone, adding warm capacity sufficient to meet water temperatures and snow melted, and also more suitable for the pilot (mainly bombers) feet warm when operating at high altitude.

The above-described types of boots only come from this part of the division of functions, we can according to types, units, they belong to different work environments to select different boots.

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