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What affect the performance of anti riot helmet
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Anti riot helmet is important protective equipment , it is mainly used to protect the safety of police officers,  enhance their combat effectiveness. Anti riot helmet is a full helmet-shaped design, made of hard helmet cover, a flexible foil inside and suspension system. It is mainly against the two injuries, one is blunt or projectile directly hit on the head, one is against possible non inertial harm to head . The performance of anti riot helmets determines the level of security, then what factors influence performance of riot helmets.

1, In the case of the helmet not be breakdown ,reduce the thickness of the helmet will increase the maximum acceleration of the neck and head, thus reducing the protective properties of the helmet.

2, The helmet liner is an important part of preventing head non inertial injuries suffered , lining material and thickness options are will be an impact on protective performance of helmet. Generally, the higher the flexible material, cushioning properties is good, but more likely to be crushed so that failure. To a balanced consideration of the liner material and thickness design.

3, The same condition, thickening the helmet liner material, may extend the role of the force on the head time and improve the protective properties of the helmet.

Anti-Riot Helmet RH-12B