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What is gas mask based on animal invention
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Today's gas masks species in variety, there are gas masks which only covering the nose and mouth, the ones covering the entire face, as well as covering only the nose, a question come to us, gas masks is based on what animal invention.
In fact, early in World War II gas mask had been invented, when Germany suddenly gassed to coalition forces to the coalition caused a lot of casualties, the scientists found gassed in contaminated areas, wild boar was left intact, through further after the experiment found that when the gas diffusion over, wild boar will nuzzling soil, soil filtered out due to gas, gas has not been so wild boar damage. According to this, scientists have invented an early pig snout nose masks.
As technology advances, the current gas mask respirators snout than the original advanced a lot, and spread from military equipment to civilian areas, protective performance has been greatly improved, the field of vision is binocular vision from the previous developed into a fully-screen vision, but the principle remains the respirator and filter before the same method, as part of the work required, people developed a more advanced than filtering respirators isolated gas masks, gas masks can make people isolated respiratory system and is completely cut off from air pollution, provide 100% protection.
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