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Why you need traffic batons for traffic safety
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Anyone who has been in the police force for so long already knows that a traffic baton is really more important than a gun. This is because it’s not everyday that you get to interact with criminals. And even when you do meet criminals, maximum tolerance is preferred over everything else, especially violence. Besides, many of those in the police force actually manage traffic.  

Traffic batons are something that you can easily buy online. The good about it is that they’re not expensive at all. We searched different websites and found batons that were sold for \$20 per piece.

How important are traffic batons for road safety? These seemingly innocuous sticks can shine either in red or green, supplying a very visible source of traffic light that can assist in directing traffic, or simply alerting motorists to the presence of broken down vehicles or traffic accidents.

Switch between red-colored and green-colored light, or switch between static and flashing modes with only the push of the button. Most traffic batons are simple to use and are durable, and versatile.

There are many brands of traffic batons out there and it’s important to note that not all of them are created alike. There are those that come with more than the basic bells and whistles. There are those that are outfitted with a belt clip, a wrist strap along with an effective magnet in the base. These are the kind of batons that you will want to have because they feel safe to carry, are simple to hang from the belt and powerful enough to stay with you.

Traffic batons aren’t just used for directing traffic on highways. They can be used to direct human and vehicle traffic during carnivals and street processions. We’ve seen these illuminate traffic batons being used to direct traffic and people on the streets.

We like to think of them as part of the celebration but we know better as they are being handled by people in uniform.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t need to have a traffic baton. However, if you own a parking lot or are organizing an outdoor event, you will want to have at least one.

Aside from being used in outdoor occasions for directing cars and people on the streets in order to mark out paths, traffic batons are also used to direct traffic on the water. Specifically, they are used to used batons to warn other boats of the presence of breakdown in order to signal for help.

The most current crop of traffic batons use LED lighting, which is very visible and can catch anyone’s attention on the street. They are currently being heavily used by traffic police for, attendants at valet parking lots, guards at school cross walks, and road construction crews, among others.

Just like any other traffic baton, they also come in traffic colors of red, yellow and green, which you can easily with the press of a button.

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