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What are the safety requirements for the use of anti riot eq

2018-06-15 11:26    

There are many anti riot equipment, such as anti-riot ammunition, batons, shields, and so on belong to this kind of products!General police officers need to master the action points of riot gear and lay a good foundation for future duty, combat, training and emergency handling.There are certain requirements to follow when training:

1. Participants must be familiar with the performance, characteristics and protection requirements of flashing lights, electric shocks, explosive devices, tear gas, marker bombs and other chemical agents, and master their operation and application methods.

2. When implementing live projectile throwing or launching, the site should be selected, wind direction should be paid attention, and protective equipment should be worn.

3. During the training, strict discipline should be carried out, and the management of personnel, bullets and equipment should be strengthened. It is strictly prohibited to laugh and play, to avoid illegal operation and to avoid accidents.

4.After the training, check the equipment and equipment, collect the remaining ammunition and clean up the site.

Anhua police equipment believes that only strict implementation of the above points can make the training of riot gear safe and stable!

Anti-Riot Shield SD-9583

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