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Anhua police equipment was selected as the agreed supplier o

2018-07-09 14:44    

Jiangsu anhua police equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Was selected as the agreed supplier of 012 police acquisition center in 2018.The selected products include security screening, training and other equipment, anti-terrorism rescue equipment, traffic management equipment, police protection equipment, police equipment and criminal technology equipment.
The specific products listed are as follows:
Security, training and other equipment
Package 21: life jacket
Package 22:life buoy
Anti-terrorism rescue equipment Package 5:Lifesaving thrower
Traffic management equipment Package 4: reflective vest
Package 28: shoulder lamp
Package 35: road cones
Police protective equipment Package 1: body armor
Package 2: riot gear
Package 4: bullet-proof and stinging suit
Package 6: police service helmet
Package 7: police riot helmets
Package 8: police bulletproof helmet and mask
Package 11: riot shields
Package 12: bulletproof shield
Package 13: anti-cutting gloves
Package 24: bullet-proof inserts
Package 43: blast blanket
Package 44: explosion proof tank
Package 52: police arm shield
Police equipment Package 10: roadblock
Package 11: alert zone
Package 14: catch the net
Package 15: model T
Package 16: rubber club
Package 17: a baton
Package 18: modular baton
Package 19: police restraint fork
Package 20: metal fetters
Package 23: constraints
Criminal technical equipment Package 1: field trace reconnaissance box
Package 14: "502" finger print fumigation cabinet
Package 15: portable multiband light source
Package 17: uv lamp
Package 29: footprint wide bright light

Anhua police equipment has been adhering to create first-class technology, the pursuit of excellence quality, adhere to the user first, never-ending improvement enterprise policy, in the future we will be for the public security system to provide more police security.

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