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In the hot summer, the firemen train in protective clothing

2018-07-25 14:08    

On a hot day, while most people are staying at home with the air conditioning on, the special squadron of chongqing changshou fire brigade is training in fire clothing.
The training ground was so hot,  in groups of three, arranged the hose next to the fire truck, held the hose in their hands, ran forward while catching the hose. After pushing 200 meters, the team stood where they were and held the hose steadily.From laying out the pipeline to putting out the fire in the final flush, the whole process was completed in one breath.
Training at high temperatures, and wearing all the right clothes, will ensure better performance in the face of various emergencies.The firefighter's kit includes a combat suit, boots, helmet, girdle and air breathing apparatus, plus two water hoses that add up to more than 70 kilos.Especially the combat suit, heat insulation performance is good, the heat of the body can not come out at all, sweat is absorbed into the clothes, the more the clothes pass through the weight when training, a lot of the team members who do not adapt at the beginning still grow prickly heat, can only overcome slowly.
Anhua police equipment is sensitive to the hard work of firefighters, we can provide good quality fire-fighting protective clothing, so that they can better protect themselves in training or disaster relief sites!
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