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The police car violations whether should there be a fine?

2018-08-01 09:39    

It's perfectly normal for a car to be fined for breaking the rules, but what if a police car breaks the rules? Will it also be fined?Let's take a look at that what happened in Xian two days ago.
At that time, Xian traffic police civil police in the patrol,some vehicles were found to have illegally parked,some of them are police vehicles,it has the words "public security" and "special police" on it.When the traffic police found out about this, they affixed an illegal act notice to the vehicle.
As a matter of fact, the news of traffic police issuing tickets to police cars frequently appears, and every appearance will cause heated discussions. One is to praise the traffic police for the justice of law enforcement, the other is to believe that the principle of "equality before the law" has been implemented, The police car was not privileged to stop illegally!
It remains to be seen whether the offending vehicle will be punished accordingly.However,ANHUA Police Equipment Manufactruing CO.,Ltd as the manufacturer of anti riot suit appeals to the public that both ordinary people and law enforcement personnel should strictly observe the traffic order, so that the country can develop better!

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