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Law enforcement drone has been launched in nanjing

2018-08-09 15:40    

The existence of law enforcement personnel has indeed reduced the occurrence of accidents and eliminated many safety hazards for the society.But now there are many places that people cannot reach. For example, when law enforcement officers visited the new city road of yaohua street recently, they found that there were many iron gates, which blocked the path into the open space, and they couldn't see the inside. As a result, law enforcement officers and their partners, using new police equipment called "unmanned aerial vehicles", discovered that several large lorries and buses were parked in the field. The vehicles were only three or four meters away from the oil tanks, which would be very dangerous in case of an accident.The law enforcement personnel immediately acted, found the party, opened the iron door, all the vehicles were cleared out of the vacant area, and the party was punished accordingly.
It is reported that the streets of yaohua have identified three major hidden dangers from the use of law enforcement drones. "unmanned aerial vehicles" have provided aerial views for the work of safety supervisors, bringing a lot of convenience.Typically, law enforcement officers take it twice a week.
As a manufacturer of police equipment, anhua police equipment has been committed to developing new products. We hope that the products we study in the future can bring more convenience to law enforcement and create a harmonious society together!

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