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What's the difference between the 2018 replacement of new po

2018-08-20 09:38    

The society is in unceasing progress, all things are also in unceasing renewal, so the police uniform is not outside naturally also!Parts of shenzhen are already trying on!
The reform of the police uniform is in line with the international trend. The beauty of the brim, the improvement of pants and the change of belts are very beautiful. Besides, it is much more comfortable to wear compared with before.Here's a summary of the differences between old and new police uniforms:
One,police pants improved obviously and adopted the imitation of Hong Kong style.The original 99 western style police pants were abandoned, 99 western style police pants have been criticized by the grassroots frontline police officers, in real combat western police pants have a lot of inconvenience.
Two, clothes added the device to reinforce the law enforcement recorder.Police actual combat in the unavoidably pull and pull, run chase, even fight what, often the recorder is easy to fall off.To prevent falling, always hold the law enforcement recorder with one hand.Thus the hands of the police are bound.The improved diagonal belt just solved the problem, freeing the hands of the police.
Third, police multi-functional belts, commonly known as eight-piece, have also been improved, and some impractical things have been discarded.Such as daggers, emergency kits, and so on, not much practical value.Added explosion - proof t-baton, but with the quick - drawn type of the same.The new eight-piece  has two police baton weapons.
Forth,the belt buckle is improved.The original belt was beautiful, but it was too heavy and easy to loose.Always run with the belt in hand.Whether it will come loose in practice is unclear.

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