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Auxiliary police is equipped with individual police equipmen

2018-08-28 14:40    

In general, auxiliary police is a kind of post that assists the people's police in performing official duties. They do not have the right to impose administrative penalties. Auxiliary police can allocate and use necessary equipment according to work needs.Is it equipped with individual police equipment?
In recent years, in order to standardize the construction of auxiliary police force and ensure that auxiliary police perform their duties according to law, many units have provided auxiliary police with individual police equipment. They include flexible batons, tear gas, handcuffs and other practical police equipment, which greatly improve the efficiency and service capacity of auxiliary police officers, so that they can also protect themselves from violence.
Although auxiliary police has only one auxiliary function, they also need to have the ability to protect themselves and the people when facing danger. Therefore, individual police equipment is necessary. I believe that with the individual police equipment, auxiliary police will be able to play their biggest role to protect themselves and the people.

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