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Europa League fans riot, police use batons and tear gas enfo

2018-08-29 14:07    

During the Europa League, Gerald coached the Glasgow Rangers 0-0 draw with Maribor, and scored a total of 3-1 in two rounds, but Glasgow Rangers fans and local police clashed during the game.
Many Glasgow Rangers fans came to Slovenia to cheer for the team, but some fans gathered in the city center before the game to make trouble and throw beer bottles. The local police, It's like meeting a big enemy, immediately dispatched the police batons and tear gas to dispel the troublemakers. Some fans complained that the police used pepper spray to attack the fans .
Former Premier League referee Jeff Winter also criticized, "The local police attack everyone in the line of sight, whether it is a woman, an old man, or anyone on the road." But this is not the first time the Glasgow Rangers fans are in the Europa League.  When the home game against Osijek's Europa League two weeks ago, Glasgow Rangers fans attacked the visiting team fans and injured the two.

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