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What the effect of Chinese bulletproof vest?

2018-09-04 10:52    

What the effect of Chinese bulletproof vest? Could it lead to a fracture of the body or a risk of breakdown? That's the question of all soldiers who wear bulletproof vest on the battlefield 
have doubts about.See how anhua police equipment can dispel your concerns:
Much of what was used in the last century was soft bulletproof vest, which even when shot by a powerful pistol, was guaranteed not to puncture, but could easily cause excessive dents that would "break" the wearer's bones.
After entering the century, the bulletproof grade of soft body armor was raised to GJB III, NIJ IIIA or G.This class of body armor can withstand most handguns, even the 50 caliber.That means that today's bulletproof vests are less likely to "break" bones because of excessive dents.Unless encountered with an FN 57 pistol use a high penetrating 5.7mm bullet specially restrained in body armor.
Another point is that because the body has fat covering, even a small dent will not hurt the key parts.Europeans and americans are tall and have high fat content. Therefore, in the NIJ standard, the dip of bulletproof vest after shooting does not exceed 44mm, which can be regarded as qualified.However, Chinese people are generally not as strong as europeans and americans, so the largest depression in GA 141-2010 should not exceed 25mm.
At present, the bulletproof effect of Chinese bulletproof vest is very good. We are a professional manufacturer of bulletproof vest. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us.
Bullet Proof Vest BPV-AH01

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