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Wear eod suit use real guns and bullets's match,forceful!

2018-09-26 10:53    

In the middle of this month, in sichuan police special police training and martial arts activity site.Twenty-two teams and 308 competitors wear eod suit use real guns and bullets's match,martial arts competitions continue to be held in the provincial public security department war training base, the spectacular scenes are like a movie blockbuster.
67 pounds of explosives suits, it takes more than half an hour to wear, ordinary people are struggling to walk, but the explosives in this case must find the location of the explosives and eliminate the crisis. Although the scene is simulated, the explosives are real. If the operation is wrong and there is no explosive suit, people may be blown up.
The explosion work not only tests the personal professional skills of the detonator, but also the teamwork ability, as well as the psychological endurance of the individual in dangerous situations.So making a good quality eod suit will make the eod hand more flexible! Anhua police equipment as a member of the police equipment industry, will play the role of self - control and supervision!

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