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Police equipment handover helps "golden autumn hu Yang fest

2018-10-08 13:47    

At the end of last month, alashan union public security bureau allocated 11 kinds of police equipment, including law enforcement recorder, metal detector, locator, identification card, anti-riot shield, body armor and explosion-proof suit, to the public security bureau of dongfengchang district.
Dongfeng site public security bureau is the ejin banner "golden autumn hu Yang festival" security forces.The handover of police equipment is conducive to enhancing the security capability of the public security bureau in the field area, deepening the pattern of large-scale exchanges and cooperation featuring sharing information resources and complementing each other's advantages, and jointly writing a new chapter of cooperation, friendship, mutual benefit and win-win results.
The quality of police equipment is directly related to the quality of security. As a member of the police equipment industry, anhua police equipment will play the role of self-restraint and supervision, and contribute to the national security!
police equipment

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