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Bullet proof vest and law enforcement instrument saved his l

2018-10-10 11:19    

On the streets of a residential neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, a shooting incident occurred last month. A police officer exchanged fire with a suspect. The suspect was killed and the police, who were hit three times,have recovered!
The Baltimore police recently released a video of the police officer's law enforcement instrument . According to a video on the Stephen Foster Police Law Enforcement , on the evening of September 23, he drove a police car to Philippe Lippe, a policeman who reinforces the fire with the suspect.
Upon arrival at the scene, the suspect had been knocked down, but still tried to resist, and Foster and Lippe immediately fired several more shots. Foster shot and shouted "Concealed! Concealed!" to his companion. In the end, the suspect was shot in the body and could no longer resist.
Later, Foster came to Lippe and found that he had three shots in his body. One shot hit the law enforcement instrument and scratched his arm. The other two shots hit the chest. Despite wearing bulletproof vests, being hit at close range still made him feel painful and difficult to breathe. However, he said in his mouth, "Nothing, nothing." Afterwards, Lipe was taken to the hospital for examination and treatment, and he was discharged the next day.
According to police investigations, the suspect who was killed was Nathaniel Sassafras, 29 years old. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for second-degree murder in 2004, 5 years in violent crimes, and 5 years in prison. The level of attack is sentenced to one year and one day, and was released on parole on January 8 this year. The police also said that since Lippe’s law enforcement instrument was damaged after being hit by the suspect’s bullets, the picture at the time could not be seen. Therefore, it is still unclear how the shooting incident occurred and the investigation is still in progress.

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