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What the material characteristics of explosion-proof suit?

2018-10-29 11:14    

There are many kinds of high performance fibers in the explosion-proof suit.The high temperature resistance, puncture resistance, impact resistance, energy absorption and flame retardancy of the components in each protective layer should meet the relevant standards.Internationally, the general structure of explosion-proof suit is divided into impact protective outer layer, bulletproof and puncture-proof layer, flame retardant layer, waterproof and breathable layer, and heat insulation layer.The following anhua police equipment introduce the five layers from the materials .
First,Shockproof outer layer: the shockproof outer layer can withstand the energy of the overpressure shock wave, and at the same time it can resist the explosive fragments.Strike the outer material mainly adopts ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, it has good resistance to impact, soft bending rigidity and wear resistance, energy absorption is stronger, and are some of the best in the world of high performance fiber materials, can achieve high-quality steel 15 times, has soft, prevent sunder armor in blast-resistant suits and performance.
Second,Bulletproof and puncture-proof layer: although the outer layer can resist the energy of part of the overpressure shock wave, the overpressure shock wave will penetrate the solid outer layer and then contact the inner bulletproof and puncture-proof layer, which can block the debris penetrating the outer armor and thus achieve the effect of bulletproof and puncture-proof.This layer of material mainly USES aramid fiber, which has higher strength than carbon fiber, lighter quality than glass fiber and carbon fiber, low thermal expansion coefficient and good fatigue resistance.And density is 1/5 of the steel wire, the intensity of steel wire is five times, can be in the range of 192 ~ 182 ℃ the size and performance of the stable, will not burn not melt, this kind of material with high strain rate sensitivity, i.e. it can be increased with the increase of impact velocity become more hard.
Third,flame retardant layer: the polysulfonamide fiber (PSA), namely the polysulfone amide fibers, of benzene 2 formyl chloride and diamino diphenyl sulfone and diamino diphenyl sulfone as the main raw material after polymerization, dissolved in dimethyl acetamide, and then by wet spinning process or dry spinning process, its excellent heat resistant properties, in this play a better flame retardant effect.
Fourth,Waterproof breathable layer: the waterproof breathable layer is designed to prevent the entry of corrosive liquid or hot gas at the scene of explosion, usually coating or waterproof fabric.And the explosion site temperature is high, heat is big, human body discharges sweat quantity much, if the explosion-proof clothing is not breathable, can make human body feel stuffy, asphyxiation, serious influence battle effectiveness.At present, the solution to this problem is to adopt the flame-retardant cloth of composite microporous tetrafluoroethylene film, which is resistant to high temperature and can block the passage of water and unblocked the discharge of sweat steam.
Fifth,Heat insulation layer: according to the data, the temperature at the explosion site is higher, so the explosion protection suit should have good heat insulation performance, including heat conduction performance against direct burning and infiltration performance against radiation heat.PBO fiber can be reached in the thermal decomposition temperature of 650 ℃, is the highest fiber in the thermal stability, to encounter blast high-energy high temperature has a very good defensive role, but also can have the effect of heat isolation.
explosion-proof suit

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