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Factors affecting the comfort of bulletproof vest - bulletpr

2018-11-16 10:12    

Comfort is an important indicator of bulletproof  vest, including moisture, breathability, softness, and lightness. With a reasonable structural design, the soft body armor can have better softness and lightness. If you want to balance comfort at the same time, you must ensure that the body armor is light, comfortable and protective. The bulletproof material, protective area and structural design used directly determine the protective ability, weight, wearing and performance of the bulletproof  vest . The following Anwar police equipment will talk to everyone about the fibers and materials used in bulletproof vests!
Fibers and materials are the primary factors in the reduction of weight loss and performance of body armor. The improved air permeability and softness of the fabric help the wearer to react and move quickly in the event of danger. At present, bulletproof suits are developing towards better protective fibers and lower costs. The development of new materials and the application of new technologies are the driving force for their development. The decisive factor for improving the protective performance and weight reduction of military bulletproof vests is bulletproof materials. Therefore, the selection of mature high-quality, high-strength, soft and lightweight materials is an important way to achieve weight reduction and comfort.
First, the new generation of Kevlar aramid fiber: Kevlar AS450X is a new generation of aramid products to solve multiple security threats, especially for the wearer to wear bulletproof vests more comfortable. The product has developed a combination of stab-resistant, anti-nail and anti-ballistic features that provide excellent comfort while also providing significant maneuverability, especially when driving on patrol vehicles.
According to market research, body armor also needs to be waterproof. Kevlar XPS104 fabrics offer excellent ballistics and comfort even in wet conditions, especially in tropical climates or in extremely humid locations.
Second, Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber: In the 1990s, the United States realized the commercial production of ultra-high modulus polyethylene fiber under the trade name "Spectra", which has superior performance, strength and higher modulus than Kevlar. The amount is a fiber spun from a polyethylene having a molecular weight of 100 to 500,000. The ballistic helmet and vest made of this fiber material can be reduced in weight by 1/3 while maintaining the same protective properties as Kevlar products. Ultra-high modulus polyethylene fiber is chemically resistant and wear resistant; it has a low density and excellent mechanical properties and energy absorption properties; the fiber density is the smallest among all high performance fibers, which can greatly reduce the physical strength of workers.
Third, spider silk: spider silk is currently the world's toughest and elastic fiber belongs to the biological protein fiber. It has the best structure produced by nature, and has high fracture strength and excellent comprehensive performance: tough texture, strong strength, good elasticity, softness, light weight, etc., and biodegradable and recoverable. It is used in aerospace (such as aircraft and satellite structural materials, composite materials, aerospace clothing), military (such as tank armor, body armor, parachute), construction (such as bridges and high-rise building materials), medicine (such as artificial joints) , tendons, ligaments and other fields have shown broad application prospects.
Fourth,Carbon Nanotubes: Carbon nanotubes are hollow graphite cylinders with only one atomic thickness. It is similar in structure to polymer materials, but its stability is much higher. If it is made into a composite material, it can have good strength, elasticity, fatigue resistance and isotropy; it can improve the engineering properties of UHMWPE and enhance its heat dissipation. The body armor not only can withstand greater impact, but also more airy, light and comfortable.
As biotechnology advances, tough materials such as spider silk are likely to be mass produced by genetically modified or synthetic methods. The development of nanotechnology will also enable the development of flexible, robust ballistic materials. At present, high-performance fibers commonly used as matrix materials for composite materials mainly include carbon fibers, aramid fibers, ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fibers, and glass fibers. These high-performance fibers and fiber-reinforced resins can be combined with ballistic composite materials with superior performance, which have the advantages of light weight, good flexibility and good protection effect.
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