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In the summer,policeman also need sun protection clothing

2019-06-11 13:47    

After entering June, the temperature in various places gradually climbed, and law enforcement officers worked outdoors for a long time. The hot weather brought great inconvenience to law enforcement personnel. The short sleeves were easy to sunburn the skin, the long sleeves were stuffy, Anhua police equipment's police sunscreen garment is a good solution to the problem of law enforcement personnel.
This sunscreen garment is mainly made of 380T nylon fabric, which is the same as the sunscreen umbrella. It can easily solve the summer sun protection problem of law enforcement officers, and can effectively block the ultraviolet rays. When wearing in the hot season, the sweat will quickly pass the skin surface export to the surface of the fabric and dry quickly, no longer interfered with by sweat.
This police police sunscreen garment also has a reflective effect, which also increases the safety of law enforcement personnel. It is widely used for police duty and patrol. In addition to being able to better maintain the gestures and sun protection during the duty, the traffic police can better maintain their own safety.
police sunscreen garment

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