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Why is the police glare flashlight so popular?

2019-06-24 11:23    

Police glare flashlights, also known as tactical flashlights or tactical lights, simply put,  it is a flashlight used for complete tactical tasks in military or law enforcement agencies. There is no essential difference between the principle and structure of the glare flashlight and the ordinary flashlight, but the glare flashlight should be adapted to the requirements under various harsh environmental conditions. Therefore, its performance, such as high and low temperature performance, sealing performance, corrosion resistance, durability, illumination, color temperature, etc., is much higher than ordinary flashlights. As one of the necessary equipments for military and police organizations around the world, some of the functions of glare flashlights have long been unknown. In fact, as a military or police auxiliary device, it has a series of special functions, which can create auxiliary limits for glare flashlights and become a non-lethal attack tool for military and police.
At the heart of the glare flashlight is the lens. The lens made of high-quality tempered glass is like a magnifying glass, which concentrates the light from the LED lights and throws them where you want. Compared with ordinary flashlights, the light from the strong light flashlight will not be scattered at all. Due to the high intensity of illumination, it has a strong visual inhibition effect on the eyes of the person being irradiated; if the flash mode is turned on, due to the characteristics of the flash mode, strong light can flash 3-5 times in 1 second; there is strong vertigo for the human eye. The effect can instantly blind the opponent, up to 10 seconds.
In addition, 7075 aluminum and hard anodized coatings exceeding military specifications, as well as rubber seals and other moisture-proof measures, allow the glare flashlight to be used under any harsh conditions. Due to the solid material and its shape characteristics, the glare flashlight can be used as a close-range self-defense weapon at a critical moment. Can be used as a small blunt. The built-in mechanical components are designed to withstand the use of extreme flashlights due to their general flashlight design.
In addition to a series of offensive features, the police glare flashlight can also be used as a tactical aid to conduct tactical search based on the characteristics of high color temperature, release the rescue model, closely range to see evidence and map, check and intercept vehicles, and cooperate with guns use.
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