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What are the essential point of the tear gas?

2019-07-15 11:32    

The tear gas is a relatively unfamiliar tool for the public. This kind of tool is forbidden to buy privately. Because it is used carelessly, it will cause serious harm to the body. Therefore, it can only be used by the police, and the police also need to use it strictly compliance requirements ,cannot be used at will. The power of the tear gas is very large, so you need to pay great attention when using it. It is not be used at will, but must strictly adhere to some points:
The first point is that when holding on a single hand, it is necessary to pay attention to the way of standing, preferably standing sideways, so that it can not only block the tear gas, but also play a role of warning. At the same time, the hand held by the hand should straighten the tear gas and the arm must be straight and not bendable.

The second point is the way of holding on the two hands. This method is more troublesome to implement. The first thing is to enter the state of guard. The pressed finger needs to be naturally straightened, and then the other hand must hold the pressed one. Then,when press with the index finger, the palm of the other hand should be down, and the position of the tiger's mouth should hold the wrist of the hand, which is the essential point to remember when holding.
Anhua police equipment is a professional supplier of tear gas. It reminds everyone to remember that the above-mentioned essentials should be used correctly, so that play important role for criminals and better protect themselves and the masses.
Tear Gas

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