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What security equipment the property have?

2019-08-01 11:50    

Security equipment is often divided into two categories: generalized and narrowly defined. It refers to: security clothing, ties, armed belts, epaulettes, hats, cap badges, quilts, bed pad, quilts, sheets, stab-resistant suits, training suits, walkie-talkies, patrols. Cars, rubber sticks, etc. are fully equipped; in the narrow sense, they refer to some tools used by security guards for defense purposes, such as helmets and rubber batons. In the course of their work, security guards use these simple devices to defend themselves and reduce the infringement of criminals against others.
Today, let's take a look at  what the security equipment the residential property have. Take the residential  I live in! Every day when I went in and out, I saw the security guards in our residential wearing neat security clothing, and a daily registration book for the residential . There were also several rubber batons about 50 cm long hanging on the wall.
According to security personnel, rubber sticks are distributed by the property company, but they are rarely carried on the body and are hung on the wall. For security personnel, the most common thing they use is the walkie-talkie. There are some small disputes in the community. If you really encounter something that cannot be solved, use the walkie-talkie to inform the captain. If you really encounter a gangster hitting a person, the rubber baton may not come in handy, because short, it is estimated that you have to find a longer stick.
In real life, different Security equipment will be equipped according to different positions. The property security equipment is relatively simple, and some even have basic equipment. Some are equipped with relatively full positions, and it is easy to cause danger if the dispute is improperly used. Anhua police equipment hopes that the security company will still be equipped according to the different positions of the posts.
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