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What are the characteristics of police equipment cabinets?

2019-08-28 14:48    

Police equipment cabinets are mainly used to store single police equipment and security equipment cabinets. With the development of the times, due to the consideration of unit safety, schools, hospitals, enterprises and institutions are required to be equipped with riots such as shields and steel forks.  Because the device is quite special, the conventional cabinet is used to store a little messy, and the access is not very convenient, so the police equipment cabinet was born. So what are the characteristics of a cabinet that can store such special equipment? The following Anhua police equipment to lead everyone to understand:

First, the material of the police equipment cabinet

The police equipment cabinet adopts 0.7~0.8mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate as a whole. The thickness of the plate is much higher than that of the file cabinet used in the market. It is rugged and durable. The door panel is made of acrylic material, which is not easy to break and is high-grade and transparent.

Second, the police equipment cabinet treatment

The surface treatment of the cabinet, using electrostatic spray, and phosphating and anti-rust treatment, can make the police equipment cabinet use longer.

Third, the police equipment cabinet color

The whole cabinet is made of matt gray white. If the customer needs special color, you can also customize the color according to your needs and try your best to meet your needs!

Fourth, the police equipment cabinet size

The conventional size of the police equipment cabinet is: 1800* wide 900* deep 550, which can store five shields. If there are special size requirements, it can also be customized according to needs.
The Police equipment cabinet should be placed in the obvious position of the unit. It can be found and taken in time when it is convenient to use. It should be placed in a dry environment to avoid direct sunlight. Long-term humidity or direct sunlight can easily damage the surface of the equipment cabinet. Over time, it will fade and affect the appearance. When cleaning the cabinet, we should use a damp cloth to gently wipe it, then dry it or air dry it. If it is stained with stains that are not easy to remove, it can be removed with a detergent or toothpaste. The cabinet can be restored as clean as new.

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