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Why wooden stick in India used as main police equipment?

2019-09-12 11:22    

At present, the main police equipment in most countries are standard pistols, batons, riot shields, etc., but the main police equipment of the Indian police is quite different - wooden sticks. Many grassroots policemen in India do not have guns and only wear a wooden stick. Of course, it is another matter for the crimes and terrorists who are threatening. The following Anwar police equipment will come to analyze why the Indian police equipment is so backward?

India’s weapons  equipment rely on foreign imports

India’s weapons equipment are imported from outside, resulting in the type of police equipment is messy and logistics have heavy pressure  . The training on the use of different weapons is also a big expense, so the Indian police like to use wooden sticks. 

Historical reasons for India

India was once a British colony. Although it has been independent, it still has some characteristics of the colonial government. There are two types of police in India, the federal police and the local police. The federal police are generally white British men, who can hold guns; local police are mostly Indian natives. This type of police can't hold guns, but social stability depends mainly on such police, so they choose The wooden stick law enforcement.

More convenient law enforcement

India has a large population, but its economic development is insufficient and its infrastructure is backward. Coupled with the caste system, ethnic religions and other historical legacy, social problems are very serious and riots are more likely to occur. The police can achieve the law enforcement effect with the stick law enforcement, and it will not be fatal and has a certain deterrent. There are also sticks that don't require too much training and it's easier to get started, so the Indian government agrees that the police use sticks as a law enforcement tool.
The different national conditions of each country determine some practices in this country. It seems ridiculous that the Indian police use sticks as the main police equipment. However, if you dig deeper from the perspective of national culture, history and society, you will find that this phenomenon is reasonable.
Why wooden stick in India used as main police equipment

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