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Police equipment top ten classification

2019-11-08 15:13    

There are a lot of police equipment, such as anti riot suits, batons, law enforcement equipment, bulletproof vests, shields, etc., which are allpolice equipment. People who don't know how to do it will feel very confused. What are the uses of so many police equipment? Which equipment belongs to the same category? Today, Anhua police equipment is used as a special police equipment manufacturer to give you a breakdown, so that everyone has a better understanding.
First,  police law enforcement equipment 
Single police equipment, on-site law enforcement recorder, police service, intelligent firearms management system, digital interrogation equipment, anti-riot bombs, spray dispersers, tear guns, shields,and police equipment.
Second, traffic safety management
Alcohol detectors, radar speedometers, manual, remote control stop device, road traffic lights, road isolation devices, LED electronic displays,electronic police, reflective lighting products.
Third, warning lamps
Long row police light series, police car guide card, searchlight series, mobile lifting lighting system, signal light series, strong light tube.
Fourth, security inspection class
X-ray inspection equipment, metal detector doors, hand-held metal detectors, radiation ray safety inspection systems, and vehicle inspection products.
Fifth,Anti-terrorism blasting
Anti-terrorism detonation robot, explosives elimination and destruction equipment, frequency interference shielding instrument, nonlinear node detector, hose sight glass, liquid inspection system, analytical instrument, light weapon optical sighting equipment, survey box series, infrared camera, person Face recognition system, multi-band light source, fiber optic wall listening system, technical reconnaissance products.
Sixth, protective equipment
Bulletproof vests, stab-resistant suits, bulletproof riot helmets, bulletproof riot shields, bulletproof materials, riot suits and riot gears,anti-virus (chemical) suits.
Seven, police vehicles
Police special vehicles, police helicopters, unmanned aircraft, police motorcycle series, police bicycles.
Eight, communication, monitoring
Vehicle image transmission system, individual soldier image transmission equipment, satellite emergency communication system, vehicle mobile equipment, emergency rescue command system, walkie-talkie, mobile station, police vehicle PTZ camera, police monitoring products.
Nine, police are loaded
Police uniforms, police uniforms, police caps, police shoes, police raincoats.
Ten, rescue and rescue class
Life detection equipment, fire escape equipment, rescue rescue tools, police extension ladders, air breathing apparatus, escape gas masks, fire fighting suit series, fire insulation clothing series.
According to the above, we have compiled the top ten categories of police equipment:, whether you can see at a glance, whether the cognition degree of different equipment is stronger? If you have any questions, please contact us, professional police equipment service providers will bring you satisfactory service!

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