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What can the Security Doors check out?

2019-11-21 15:19    

With the development of the society, everyone now needs to go through the security check for subways, high-speed trains, trains, etc. When the security check is over, the staff will scan your body with the instrument, or directly pass the security door to see if you are in danger.  So what can the security door check out? Will it expose some privacy? Today, Anhua police equipment as a professional security door manufacturer to explain to you:
1. The purpose of the security door is to detect flammable and explosive dangerous goods.
The main purpose of the security door is to detect some dangerous goods, such as flammable and explosive objects, so if there is no such thing in the suitcase or on the body, other things will not be studied in depth. After all,  It is very troublesome to check the one by one every day. 
2. The sensing device of the security door is set in the computer in advance
The machine is always a machine. The reason why it can be detected is because people have set up the relevant contraceptive device in the computer in advance. Once the contour is found, it will immediately alarm. If it is not, it will go smoothly, without worrying about its secret. Was found to be displayed in front of everyone!
3.The security door workers have a strong professional ethics
The staff are professionally ethical. Even if you see your little secret, you will not tell others. This is a professional requirement!
After reading the above explanation, do you know more about the security door? If you want to know more about the security door, you can contact us and you will be answered in detail!
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