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Bulletproof Equipment Rankings

2019-12-31 11:36    

China is a country that advocates peace. Even so, our soldiers are constantly training every day in case they are needed. After the actual battlefield, it is very fierce. That gun and Knife are not have eye, so the bulletproof equipment has become a weapon for our defense. So what kind of bulletproof equipment do soldiers choose? The Anhua police equipment is used to introduce to you, the different bulletproof levels, the application occasions are different, you can making the corresponding choice after read our introduction!
First, first-level bullerproof vest
The first-level bulletproof vest can reduce the damage effect by 30%. For people who are no need to go deep into the enemy, this bulletproof clothing is enough for bulletproof effects, and it can save lives at critical times!
Second , second-level bullerproof vest
The second-level bulletproof vest is an upgraded version of the first-level bulletproof jacket, which can reduce the damage effect by 40%. It is an indispensable weapon for soldiers who rush forward. It can provide powerful protection to soldiers in encounter ambush, and long-range sniper warfare. 
Third, third-level bulletproof vest
The three-level bulletproof vest functions has increased  compared to the previous two levels. It is used by special forces and can reduce damage by 50%. In an actual battlefield, If you meet an enemy head-on, you do n’t need to be afraid, you can calmly take out the rifle, you will be very fortunate that you are wearing a Class III bullerproof vest  when the enemy falls in front of you, giving yourself confidence!
Fourth, the pan
Why is the pan also on my bulletproof equipment list? Below I will explain to you: Compared with bulletproof vests, it has no damage reduction effect, but it can block bullets. If your gun has no bullets during the battle, but your opponent fires at you again, then what should we do? The pan can save your life at a critical moment, or you can take the pan and knock it on the opponent's head.  Maybe you can get a hope of survival?
Fifth,Bulletproof armored vehicles
As its name implies, it is an armored car with a bulletproof effect. In actual battles, this is very practical. It can block bullets in all directions and serve as a protective wall for itself; you can also see that people catch up and beat , Seize guns and enrich your army with ammunition!
The above is a summary of the bulletproof equipment level from low to high is purely personal opinion. If you have any better suggestions for the above explanations, please call to discuss!
Bulletproof Vest BPV-5C

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