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How to maintain the net gun launcher?

2020-03-27 10:29    

Net guns can be divided into compressed air power and gunpowder power according to the power supply method. It is a new type of portable safety riot net for law enforcement officers when arresting suspects. The net gun is composed of four major parts: a net tube, a connector, an empty shell, and a launcher; the launcher is a very important component. No matter what item has its life span, the net gun is the same, so what should we do to extend its life span? How should the launcher be maintained? Today Anhua police equipment will give you a detailed introduction: 
First, after 500 times of use, remove the internal parts of the transmitter, scrub the dirt with kerosene, apply a little grease, and the longitudinal sensitivity of each part after assembly is good.
Second, the needle dirt is cleaned with kerosene and wiped dry. It is forbidden to scrape sand, knives and hard objects to avoid damage to the finish.
Third, After the components are wet with rain and snow, wipe them with a dry cloth, dry them in a ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight or baking with fire to avoid heat deformation of the parts.
Fourth, The launcher has not been used for a long time, and the internal parts are sensitive to dust due to wet and dry conditions. Please drop a little kerosene in the space. After 2 minutes, turn on the impactor and pull the trigger to repeat for several times to restore sensitivity.


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