Automatic road block LZ-AH02

Continuous working time: continuous retracting operation ≥100

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Automatic car blocking roadblock Model: LZ-AH-02
Put the equipment box wheel face down to the road surface-the traction device faces the unfolding direction-open the locks on both sides-turn on the power switch of the traction device (the red button lights up for standby)
Pull out the antenna of the remote control-press the forward button (up button), the nails are unfolded to the required length and the button is released and the button stops.
When closing, press the back button (down button) to close the nail belt and release the button to stop.
Effective length of roadblock: 7.2m (2-7.2m adjustable)
Deflated steel nail specifications: ø8×35mm
Unfolding (recovery) speed: ≥1m/s (level 1 road surface)
Remote control distance; 50m
Working voltage: 12V
Power capacity: 2500mA/h
Continuous working time: continuous retracting operation ≥100 times; standby time ≥100 hours
Charging power supply: 220v 50HZ
Charging time: 10-12h
Whole machine weight: 8kg
Carton size: 550×450×90mm

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