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Bulletproof Vest BPV-5C

  • Bulletproof Vest BPV-5C

This is bulletproof vest with collar and shoulder protection. Our bulletproof products are made of High Tenacity and High Modulus Dyneema (PE)Fiber, it is one of the three most hi-tech fibers in the world.In China, the technology of PE production is developing fast. The PE we use is the newest Generation Third material. With PE fabric made of this new material is softer with betterprotection performance,what is more, it is lighter (153GSM). An NIJ IIIAbulletproof vest ( Size M ) only needs 35 layers at most.The total weight of the vest (including the out cover) is only 1.9kg. After many tests, the bullet only goes through 16 layers at most, and the deformation is less than 28mm.Bulletproof vest has different protection levels; We mainly have NIJ II Level and NIJ IIIA Level. If it needs to reach NIJ III Level or NIJ IV Level, it must need to put into NIJ III and NIJ IV Level bulletproof plate.

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ANHUA police equipment manufacturing can produce not only bulletproof vest, but also bulletproof shieldf, etc.

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