Adorable baby visits the police equipment

“Uncle, what is this for?” On January 10th, in order to welcome the second “Chinese People’s Police Day”, the reporter learned from the police in the eastern new district of Chengdu that the eastern police of Chengdu recently held the police equipment display experience activity and invited Children in Chunlan Kindergarten, Futian Street, East New District, Chengdu, experience police equipment up close.

All kinds of cool police equipment such as pistols, riot guns, rifles, bulletproof vests, etc., which can only be seen on TV, can not only be seen but also touched here. The children are eye-opening and excited.

The police first explained the names and specific uses of various firearms to the children in detail. After the explanation, with the help of the police uncle, the children picked up all kinds of guns with great interest, posed in various handsome shapes, and said happily: “When I grow up, I want to be a policeman and catch the bad guys with you. !”

Keychains, rulers, stationery boxes… They also carefully prepared small gifts with police cartoons for the children. The children also brought greeting cards, cakes and flowers made by themselves to the police uncle, and hugged the police uncle with their small hands.


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