How to put on and take off protective clothing?

The epidemic that broke out at the end of last year is still frightening when I think about it. Although the domestic situation is gradually stable, the global situation is still very grim and spread rapidly. The “epidemic” of war is still going on, and we must not take it lightly.

In addition to medical personnel, there are also enterprises with a relatively high concentration of personnel such as security inspections, manufacturing, industrial printing, and construction sites. It is necessary to do personal safety protection work: wearing masks and protective clothing is necessary! We strictly abide by the important line of defense to prevent and control “anti-input”. Are you on the front line familiar with the equipment and use of protective equipment? Can you put on and take off protective clothing correctly? Today, Anhua Police Equipment will study with everyone:

Hand hygiene and disinfection → wear medical protective mask → wear disposable working hat → wear protective clothing → wear disposable gloves → wear protective eye mask → wear protective eye mask → wear and check
Note: When wearing disposable gloves, you need to put the gloves on the outside of the cuffs of the protective clothing, stretch and adjust to ensure that the gloves cover the cuffs.

Second, off
Hand disinfection → remove goggles hand disinfection → take off protective clothing (unzip the zipper, take off the hat first, touch the inner surface of the protective clothing from the back to roll down to the bottom of the foot, the hand should not touch the outside of the protective clothing during the whole process) → hand disinfection → Disinfect gloves and hands → Disinfect hats and hands → Remove masks and disinfect hands → Wear new masks and disinfect hands
Note: Hand hygiene is required at every step when removing protective equipment.

Protective clothing can provide us with an extra layer of safety protection. During the epidemic, many units were equipped with protective clothing and goggles to provide the strongest anti-epidemic protection for these first-line fighters.


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