Police Mitsubishi thorn SLG-AH

Weight of baton with attacking parts: about 1.3kg

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1. Working environment: -35℃-55℃
2. Anti-beating performance: 100O times
3. Reliable locking performance: 3000 times
4. Salt spray resistance: Grade 6
5. Appearance color: black
6. Length of attack part: 27.5cm
7. Baton size length: 61 cm
8. The truncheon is equipped with the attacking part and the cylindrical blunt thorn outward dimension length: 80.5cm
9. The baton is equipped with attacking parts, and the three-sided knife holder outward size: 88cm
10. The two batons are connected with the attack part and the triangular bayonet is 158cm in length.
11. Baton weight: about 0.9kg
12. Weight of baton with attacking parts: about 1.3kg

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