Riding horses in the snowy plains Xinjiang public security special police are so sassy

The endless snow field, only the whistling wind.
Suddenly, an iron cavalry is like an arrow from the string, the horseshoe is windy, the mane is flying, and they sometimes bend the bow and shoot arrows on the horseback, and sometimes shoot with guns…
It is understood that this training covers six training subjects: speed, endurance, archery, task division, teamwork, and arresting skills. The Qinghe County Public Security Special Patrol members must be fully familiar with the combat environment and horse habits. Fixed combat roles, strengthened a series of skills such as chasing and fleeing by horseback, encircling on horseback, arresting on horseback, and finally completing the task of arresting suspects on horseback.
The relevant person in charge of the Qinghe County Public Security Bureau said that when you mount a horse, you can gallop, and when you dismount it, you can fight. Although horseback riding is an ancient way of traveling, cavalry is fast, maneuverable, flexible and brave, and can play an important role in specific battlefields.



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