What are the material characteristics of explosion-proof clothing?

explosion-proof clothing

The explosion-proof clothing contains a variety of high-performance fibers. The outer material of the explosion-proof clothing is made of high-strength coated fabric, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic; the high temperature resistance, puncture resistance, impact resistance,energy absorption performance and resistance of the protective layer components ,the flammability performance must meet the relevant specifications and standards. […]

Road robot variable drone

Road robot

Most robots are designed for a specific job and are not very adaptable. Today I tell you about a soft robot that can morph into a range of shapes,such as a driving, flying or swimming robot, thanks to a metal-filled rubber skin that can move between liquid and solid forms Convert easily. To create a […]

Adorable baby visits the police equipment

police equipment

“Uncle, what is this for?” On January 10th, in order to welcome the second “Chinese People’s Police Day”, the reporter learned from the police in the eastern new district of Chengdu that the eastern police of Chengdu recently held the police equipment display experience activity and invited Children in Chunlan Kindergarten, Futian Street, East New […]

Female soldiers test the anti riot suit in tough

anti riot suit

In past military wars, landmines have played a vital role. A single explosion can easily cause multiple casualties, so mine clearance is a very important and dangerous job, and the great fighting clan found a beautiful female soldier and let her passing through the minefield unarmed, what kind of ridiculous operation is this? From the […]

How to put on and take off protective clothing?

The epidemic that broke out at the end of last year is still frightening when I think about it. Although the domestic situation is gradually stable, the global situation is still very grim and spread rapidly. The “epidemic” of war is still going on, and we must not take it lightly. In addition to medical […]

The epidemic is severe, the French police use drones to prev

The novel coronavirus is fierce, and all countries are in a mess. Closing the city and closing the country can contain the virus very well, but the economic will not development if blockade, which is also greatly harmful to the future of the ntry. So what is the state of countries ,before unblocking the epidemic […]

What are the police equipment exhibitions in 2020?

Police equipment has always been mysterious to ordinary people, and it is difficult to come into contact with them. The annual police equipment exhibition is the time to feast your eyes on everyone, but it is for people in special industries! The following Anhua police equipment will lead you to see what will be available […]